Tonypandy Scouts are an Asda’s charity and shoppers can place green discs into the appropriate box at the storefront.

Scout Post Stamps (at 20p) are sold in Tonypandy at:-Dunraven Cleaners, Britten’s, Anne’s Child & Babyware, Hilda’s Florist, Mike Bayliss Butchers (Tonypandy Square) and Clive Adams Butchers (Court Street). The closing date for posting falls on Saturday, December 1st. Postboxes are at all of these outlets and Tonypandy Library.

It’s year 19 for this post, and around 80,000 cards are posted. It’s thanks to the generous folk that help raise as much as £10,000. Call David John on 01443 437437 and for scout news, go to: