If you see tennis being played on the Cardiff Bay Barrage, outside City Hall or in the Hayes shopping centre over the coming weeks, don’t be surprised – this is ‘Tennis with a Diff’.

It’s a new campaign to bring accessible, achievable and affordable ways to play tennis in Cardiff.

“This is not so much an initiative, it’s more about a new culture,” said Simon Clarke, South Wales tennis development manager for Tennis Wales, who came up with the idea.

“Many people still think of tennis in very traditional ways – and that’s probably reinforced when Wimbledon comes around each year,” he added. “But the truth is, the game can be played almost anywhere, by almost anyone and in all sorts of formats, such as mini tennis, touchtennis, cardio tennis and tennis Xpress.

“Tennis isn’t necessarily about competing – it’s a fun way to get together with friends, or make new friends, and it’s a brilliant way to get exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Tennis with a Diff is being launched by Tennis Wales with the support of Sport Cardiff to highlight the flexibility of the game and to introduce people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to new formats of the game.

Cardiff has been identified by the Lawn Tennis Association as one of Britain’s12 priority areas to increase participation in the game.

The city’s tennis clubs are being encouraged to get involved with informal drop-in sessions, and fun events will take place at traditional and non-traditional venues around the capital.

“We’re really keen to grow the participation in schools especially,” said Laura Williams, sport development manager at Sport Cardiff. “Tennis with a Diff shows how the game is affordable and achievable for people across the city.”

Anyone is welcome to drop in to the sessions and try out the game. The programme includes:

Roath Park – Tennis Courts and Grass Courts 6th July – Families

Cardiff Castle – June 30th – Families

Race for Life, Bute Park – 23rd June – Cardio Tennis – Families

Urban Games – 24th to 28th June – Teenagers

The Hayes – Wimbledon Finals Weekend 6th/7th July – Families

Cardiff Bay Barrage – June 23rd, June 30th, July 6th – Families

City Hall – Friday 5th July – Lunchtime –  ‘’City Hitters’’ Adults

Mermaid Quay – Beach Tennis in August – Families

Llandaff Fields – September 2nd – ‘’ Big Red Festival’’ – 8 & unders.

Updated information is available at www.tennisincardiff.com  and on Twitter by following @Tenniswithadiff

Information on all aspects of tennis in Wales is available from Tennis Wales at 029 20 463335 or www.lta.org.uk/in-your-area/Wales/ and for regular updates follow Tennis Wales on Twitter @tenniswales