Schools from Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan, and Carmarthen were among the winners at the South Wales Primary Schools Tennis finals.

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Over the last year, primary schools across South Wales have competed against each other to reach the finals, played at David Lloyd, Cardiff.

More than 2,000 pupils from around 100 schools took part in the qualifying matches – an increase of around 50% on last year, with much of the growth in non-traditional tennis areas, such as Caerphilly, Rhondda Cynon Taff, and Bridgend.

“It was particularly pleasing to see a number of local authorities that weren’t involved last year, commit and contribute so enthusiastically this time,” said Mark Lewis, Tennis Wales participation development officer for South Wales.

“The events in Caerphilly and Rhondda Cynon Taff, both involved more than 100 pupils, while the established authorities continued to show improved participation figures with Cardiff exceeding 300 and Swansea 500.

“It really shows that kids across South Wales are keen to play tennis.”

The results were as follows:

Year 3 and 4 Boys (Red)
1st – Evenlode, Vale of Glamorgan
2nd – Cantref, Monmouthshire

Year 3 and 4 Girls (Red)
1st – St Andrew’s, Vale of Glamorgan
2nd – Glasllwch, Newport

Year 3 and 4 Mixed (Red)
1st – Pencae, Cardiff
2nd – Evenlode, Vale of Glamorgan

Year 5 Girls (Orange)
1st – Rhiwbina, Cardiff
2nd – St Michael’s, Carmarthenshire

Year 5 Boys (Orange)
1st – Nantgaredig, Carmarthenshire
2nd – St Andrew’s, Vale of Glamorgan

Year 5 Mixed (Orange)
1st – Rhydypenau, Cardiff
2nd – Evenlode, Vale of Glamorgan

Year 6 Boys (Green)
1st – Evenlode, Vale of Glamorgan
2nd – Llysfaen, Cardiff

Year 6 Girls (Green)
1st – Howells, Cardiff
2nd – Tirdeunaw, Swansea

Year 6 Mixed (Green)
1st – Evenlode, Vale of Glamorgan
2nd – Whitchurch, Cardiff

Information on all aspects of tennis in Wales is available from Tennis Wales at 029 20 463335 or and for regular updates follow Tennis Wales on Twitter @tenniswales