Rob Jones

Keith Richards is one sonic star who does not need an introduction! The Rolling Stones guru is one of the most recognisable and renowned characters to have ever surfaced! His story is a turbulent tale but along the way there is a tune testimony

that helps place him as one of the greatest rock n rollers that will ever exist!

Keith Richards: The long way Home is a 2 DVD set that explores the life and times of the stylish Stone; and, it is a neatly packaged product.

DVD 1 collates a series of interviews with aural associates and band biographers who clearly place ‘Keef’ in the highest of esteem. To add to these references we are informed of the influences that helped shape this English eccentric-plus, there is also the archive and rare footage of the great man in action. There are no short measures in this extensive assessment. Keith comes under scrutiny whether it is as a member of the Stones, other projects or as a solo artist-and, there are also insights in to his personal life which is always a cause for intrigue!

DVD 2 assembles a series of random chats with Richards across the decades and over a series of states!?! The one thing that becomes clear is through all of the excesses that Keith appears to be a genuine and honest ‘cat’! He does not hide from the truth and admits that if others (i.e. Mick Jagger) want to tell their side of the story they are quite welcome to espouse their feelings. Keith opens up to a series of probing questions and does not shy away-and, as he says ‘you can’t accuse me of anything I haven’t already confessed to’ (including the tale of snorting some of his father’s ashes!).

This release is a must for fans of Keith, The Stones, music, celebrity and the human condition! Mr. Richards has not taken any shortcuts on The Long way Home!