Rob Jones

UK future-soul singer Basheba has a new EP, Axiom Part 1. A quartet of tasty tunes mark the start of her Axiom trilogy as she heads towards her debut album.

Basheba combines dark, blues influenced vocals with hard- edged Drum ‘N’ Bass beats, so it’s no wonder the likes of Rudimental have asked to work with her” quotes Fred Perry Subculture

Sonically the EP combines all the elements of Basheba’s smooth sound with R’N’B/Soul flavoured vocals wed to club influenced drum ‘n’ bass, breakbeat rhythms and futuristic input. To any Basheba newcomers there is definitely a feel of market leader Jessie Ware without any signs of plagiarism. Thgis has 60’s origins with the essence of the now and anyoen who is aware of the DJ Robbie Vincent would see this expert of the dancefloor back this beauty!

Opening track and lead single ‘Don’t Go’ begins with a soft, house piano line and echoed backing vocals, building gently towards its plaintive, catchy chorus, where shuffling drums inject real momentum. ‘Shame’ with its echoes of classic trip hop acts like Portishead and Massive Attack, has a breathtakingly cinematic sensation. ‘Oceans’ is hauntingly siniste with eerie synths and punchy drums; as the club led ‘Where Are You’, features rapper/spoken word artist LUUI-and, another adding of atmospherics is iced with Basheba’s ethereal vocal and LUUI’s striking rap verse.

Born and raised in London by her British Dad and Bajan Mum, Basheba has been honing her musical craft from a the age of 14. Inspired by her Bajan roots, Basheba has lived and breathed music ever since, starting her own record label, Y.O.B. Records (Youth of Britain). Here other two EP’s: ‘Bad Friends, Good Enemies’ and ‘Sessions’ have also been well received. She says, “A song is nothing without a story. I’m a storyteller, I just tell my stories through song.” Check out the goods and buy in to Basheba!