Rob Jones

This Battle of Mametz exhibition is led by Craft of Hearts, Eleanor Street, Tonypandy and admission is free. The poster displays that the event will be held at the Pierhead, Cardiff Bay. For details Call Joanne Roe and her team on 07917 467103, weekdays 10am-5pm.

Details of the battle and the celebratory event are below:

The Battle of Mametz was predominantly manned from men and boys of the Welsh valleys and the aggression began on July 7, 1916. As part of this hostility the 38th or Welsh Division was ordered to attack and capture Mametz Wood the largest area of forestry on the expansive Somme battlefront. Almost a mile wide and over a mile deep, Mametz consisted of thick trees and dense undergrowth.
Although there was huge losses this battle was deemed to be a success! The army were recruited from around Wales and the campaign was headed ‘Lads Of Wales To War’. Many of the boys who left for war were far too young to do so…and few returned.
Many streets and villages were decimated by the recruitment and the women of the families remained to keep the rest of the family fed and watered. None of it was easy!
Craft of Hearts are commemorating this battle with the exhibition running from July 4-9, 2016 in the main hall of the beautiful Pierhead building on Cardiff Bay.
During the exhibition visitors will have the opportunity to create a poppy of their own which they can nominate and this item will then be placed in the exhibition. An archive team will also hopefully be present to offer family links.
Dale Poole (photographer in situ) is filming the many free poppy making workshops being held at Craft of Hearts , Tonypandy. He will also film the creation of the assembled Dragon of Battle. All of these images and more will create a time lapse film which will run through out the exhibition week.

What will happen to the 6,000 poppies and the canvasses and other exhibits that are being created after the main event?
There is hope that the dragon will be placed at some barracks and that he can tour across Wales; and, the artwork will run into 3 mini exhibitions in the Rhondda and also in Caerphilly/Bridgend/Aberdare. The poppies will be on display at Craft of Hearts and perhaps other significant sites in the Rhondda.
Some of the poppies will also be donated to both the British Legion and the Western Front and they may raffle, auction or use them as they wish. The creating of poppies and other artwork is a full community participation!

The exhibition is free to enter and Craft of Hearts hope to see as many friends, school visits, community groups and members visiting! Craft of Hearts are proud to be bring this commemoration to the eyes of the world and best wishes to them on their endeavour.