Rob Jones

Adam Ant was a the top of the pop crop in the early 80’s. Adam and the Ants developed from a 70’s punk scene but then added flamboyance, pantomime and theatrics to a new revamped sound. The end result took them from zeros to heroes!

However, a change in fads, lesser material and a fall from grace played a role in the eventual demise of The Ants and Adam struggled with the aforementioned slide down the pecking order as well as mental health issues.  The despair took its toll and it has resulted in a lot of hard work, stringent discipline and a renewed focus to get Adam back on to the rungs of the entertainment ladder. However, the comeback has been worthwhile and from a subjective point of view an attendance at a more recent gig proved to be an enlightening evening.

Therefore, the Jack Bond movie entitled The Blueback Hussar traces the contemporary profile of Adam Ant as he has fought against the wild tides of depression and shown immense courage to put himself back in the public gaze. This film is an engaging piece of work that introduces associates and collaborators in order to clarify the placement of the Ant-i hero within contemporary culture. Adam was once a huge force but it is crystal clear that many fans have not forgotten those halcyon days and these devotees still turn out in large numbers for his live appearances (anywhere and everywhere!)..

The concert I witnessed had an array of aficionados decked out as Ant doppelgangers-and, that confirmed the appeal of a charasmatic character. The Blueback Hussar DVD offers a chance to delve in to the palace of the ultimate King of the wild Frontier, so all of you dandy highwaymen and women take note!