The Novello Orchestra changes name to The Not New Novello Orchestra for the day to launch Welsh Government pilot scheme ‘Instruments for Kids’  

Today (2 Nov) Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams is calling for people in Wales to dust off their old, unused instruments for a new Welsh Government pilot, Instruments for Kids.

Instruments for Kids will gather up  all instruments found hidden in attics, garages and the backs of cupboards across Wales and distribute them through local authorities to children and schools where there is a need for music provision.

The pilot was launched at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on 2 Nov with a special performance by members of the temporarily named Not New Novello Orchestra, led by David Mahoney using instruments already donated by Assembly Members.

The pilot follows a campaign earlier this year by Welsh Government and National Assembly for Wales where more than 50 instruments were donated by Assembly Members and staff.

People across Wales are being encouraged to donate their once loved, but no longer played instruments across Wales from 20 – 24 November – Music Instrument Amnesty Week.

Education Secretary, Kirsty Williams said: “Whether we stuck at it or just gave it a go, most of us have memories of learning to play a musical instrument as a child.

“We believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn an instrument.  That is why, together, we are  making a commitment to finding new and innovative ways of making sure children across Wales get access to music. Instrument for Kids is part of this.

“We hope that Wales’ love of music will inspire people to dig out and dust off their old instruments in November for us to give them a new lease of life and pass on to children to enjoy for many more years to come.”

WLGA Leader, Councillor Debbie Wilcox (Newport) said: “As a former teacher, I know first-hand how music can not only enrich children’s learning experiences, but provide pleasure and enjoyment to people throughout their lives. Many of us will have had the chance to learn to play musical instruments from an early age, and what better way to pass those skills on that dig out our unused instruments to help the next generation of musical maestros and have-a-go newbies!”

David Mahoney, Founder of The Novello Orchestra and member of Only Men Aloud, is just one of several Welsh musicians supporting the campaign: “Music is such a big part of Welsh culture and every child in Wales should be given the opportunity to pick up an instrument and give it a go. The benefits of music making are endless and this scheme will provide a perfect opportunity to introduce musical performance to those who may not otherwise have been exposed to it.”

For more information on Instruments for Kids and to find out where you can donate your old instruments from 20 – 24 Nov, visit: