Many of you are certainly familiar with *FACE TO FACE*, but fewer know a
project that spawned from this project involving half of its members – not
only was *VIVA* *DEATH* founded by Face to Face’s *Scott Shiflett* and *Trever
Keith*, but expanded to include guitarist* Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters)*
and drummer *Josh Freese (The Vandals, Devo, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch
Nails, Weezer. *

Now comprised of* Scott Shiflett *and producer *Chad Blinman (Face To Face,
Jarboe, Faith and The Muse, Saves The Day), *they present the first Viva
Death album in eight years. Ahead of the Oct. 26 album release, they
present their new single* ‘New Terrors’. DOWNLOAD

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*Shameless Promotion PR <> *
[image: Promo cover art] Viva Death
Illuminate LP
Functional Equivalent Recordings
26 October 2018
*Scott Shiflett of Face to Face previews Viva Death ‘New Terrors’ off new
‘Illuminate’ LP*

*FOR FANS OF:* A Perfect Circle, QOTSA, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Killing
Joke, Orgy, David Bowie
*FOCUS TRACKS:* Ready to Go, Sound The Alarm, Windows, Don’t Box Me In,
Trip, Damnatio Memoriae, Seasons, Slipping Away
*FCC CLEAN except ‘Two Hands’*
*All photos by Dyanne Cano*

*Ready to Go *
*Ready to Go*
*New Terrors*
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*”A continuous rock & roll rumble – swift with jagged guitars and layered
percussion. The urgency of Viva Death exudes a passionate desire to break
down pop mainstream, but without anger… a keenly different, thirsty,
aggressive rock sound”* – *AllMusic*

*”An impeccable combination of pop-punk and alternative 90s rock… Viva
Death’s vocals and synchronicity are a whole new level – tight and
perfectly polished. We’ll have another hit of this, thank you”* – *Big
Takeover Magazine

*”A welcome blast of fresh sounds from a punk scene that has become almost
irrelevant… An escape from the racket on the radio and the typical
current “punk rock” stylings of so many bands”* – *Punk News*

*”Expertly performed, executed, and produced.. a trip across the
years” *– *Lollipop

*”Impeccably performed with top-notch sound engineering, this music is an
impressive work and demands repeat listens. This is also one of the most
impressive alternative rock / pop-punk releases of 2018″* – *Louder Than
War <>*

Alternative rock outfit *Viva Death* <> presents
their new single ‘New Terrors’, the second single off the new *’Illuminate’
LP <>.* Their first new album in
eight years, comprised of 14 tracks, it will be relased in late
October via *Functional
Equivalent Records* <>. This
follows up the album’s lead single *‘Ready to Go’*

Currently comprised of* Scott Shiflett *of *Face to Face *and producer
extraordinaire* Chad Blinman <> (Face To Face,
Jarboe, Faith and The Muse, Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids)*, Viva Death is
a recording project with an evolving cast of collaborators and an audacious
vision of 21st century rock music.

It began as a baritone-guitar driven project spearheaded by *Scott Shiflett*
and *Trever Keith**, also* of *Face to Face*, and then the lineup came to
include Scott’s brother *Chris Shiflett* *(Foo Fighters)* and omnipresent
drummer *Josh Freese (The Vandals, Devo, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails,

As the bassist of Southern California pop-punk titans Face to Face for over
twenty years, and frequent touring guitarist for Me First and the Gimme
Gimmes, Scott Shiflett is a player of exceptional skill and energy. Since
2001, Shiflett has been channeling his more adventurous inclinations into
Viva Death.

This new LP follows the album *’Curse The Darkness’ *(2010), a
labor-of-love project between Blinman and Scott Shiflett, who played
virtually all of the instruments on that album. Viva Death has previously
issues two albums – *‘Viva Death’ *(2002) and *‘One Percent **Panic’ *

Viva Death embodies an ethos of free expression, DIY, rejecting the status
quo – to operate beyond industry confines and expectations, creating a
series of works that hold a distinct identity while defying easy

Since *‘Curse The Darkness’ *released in 2010, Viva Death has taken a back
seat since Face To Face became much busier and due to the fact that
Shiflett and Blinman now live on opposite coasts. They came together a
while back to record the new Viva Death album ‘Illuminate’.

On* ‘Illuminate’*, Viva Death continue their mission of unbridled
creativity and unapologetic artistry, offering listeners a sonic journey
through a vast and richly detailed world, at times explosive and brashly
confrontational, then unexpectedly fragile and ethereal. Stretching Viva
Death into a wider range of style and sound than ever before, this album
reasserts Shiflett’s distinctive vision as a songwriter and performer.
‘Illuminate’ is a sprawling sonic adventure, drawing comparisons to the
great classic rock gatefold epics.

These 14 songs seamlessly combine familiar tones with unfamiliar twists,
weaving a path through classic hard rock, alternative, post-punk and
avant-garde, never devolving into empty nostalgia. Together, Shiflett’s
songs create a compelling personal narrative of introspection and
alienation, with moments of savage criticism and dark satire.

“We’ve covered a lot of ground with Viva Death – surprising for a project
that started almost by accident. On this record I wanted to go more
personal than before, both in the songwriting and in the overall sonic
approach…not shying away from my biggest influences (David Bowie, the
Beatles, Bauhaus, Pink Floyd, the Clash), hopefully making something that
evokes aspects of those classic records but also sounds new and
unexpected. We wanted to draw the listener in closer, but push the
extremes farther in every direction,” says *Scott Shiflett.*

“Every album started with a kind of experimental question that defined the
recording process. Scott and I made the third record mostly by ourselves.
On this new record, the experiment was ‘Can we expand the stylistic palette
even further, and make something that feels like a classic rock double
album––but without using any actual drum sets or guitar amps?’ Every
record began with a different set of parameters, but every record sounds
unmistakably like Viva Death,” says *Chad Blinman*, a 30-year veteran
electronic musician and engineer, who has brought his meticulous skill and
sonic inventiveness to every Viva Death release.

As of October 26, ‘Illuminate’ will be available from major digital
download and streaming providers worldwide, but already can be pre-ordered
from various sites <>, including Viva Death’s own
*Bandcamp* <>.

1. Ready to Go
2. Trip
3. Sound the Alarm
4. Windows
5. Don’t Box Me In
6. Two Hands
7. Seasons
8. Petitioning the Black Wall
9. New Terrors
10. Unclear
11. Storm
12. Slipping Away
13. Man in the Street
14. Damnatio Memoriae