Rob Jones

Nile Rodgers has a pedigree of having worked with the greats and he has never ever lost a relevance – even when the original Chic lost their commercial appeal in the early 80’s he then went on to bolster the careers of many others e.g. Diana Ross, Debbie Harry, David Bowie, Madonna and Bryan Ferry (with this list running on and on). In the last several years as the clock goes back to then move forward the Chic Cheer has been re-evaluated and that has led to a fresh interest in the great man and a call upon his services from a variety of acts e.g. Daft Punk and many others too.

This return to action with new material is both credible and incredible! Pop, disco, jazz, R & B, soul, funk and more – you will never know the score – as Rodgers defies time and categorisation with his desire to collaborate and experiment! The Chic Organisation is still bearing many fruitful vines. The River Nile keeps on flowing so get on board the good ship that follows its course.

Nile Rodgers and Chic are at Cardiff Castle on Friday, July 5 at 5.30pm. For ticket details go to