Rob Jones

Accomplished! Astounding! Accredited! Abergavenny! This wonderful Welsh town has scored another annual culinary extravaganza with their 2019 event! Spread far and wide across this settlement from the town centre out to the castle and beyond there are displays of delicacies and delights – and, if you like food this is the place to be!
The 21st Abergavenny Food Festival is a big affair and there are visitors aplenty from across the globe. Nearly three hundred entrepreneurs promote premier eating and drinking options that lead to an array of avenues for the fans of fine feasting.

Two decades has seen this programme of produce expand and it would be impossible to pigeonhole the goods because so many bases are covered – and, it is credit to the team behind this stomach satisfying schedule for congregating such a lip licking, breathtaking bounty. Added to which there is also live music and other joys to offer further appeal to the proceedings – and, the marvellous mountains in the area make for scintillating scenery.

Hungry to try different nutrition? Thirsty for a new beverage? Wishing to learn from top chefs? Willing to listen to informed writers? Then if ‘yes’ is the common answer this is the start of an enlightening adventure that will bring so much to the table! Just remember – next September, don’t be late – make a date! Please set time aside for the 22nd Abergavenny Food Festival in 2020! Putting the edible in to incredible!

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