Rob Jones

Rita May (cleverly turned into Theresa May) – Bob Dylan

Wild side of Life – Hank Thompson (also well known versions by Rod Stewart and Status Quo)

Career Opportunities – The Clash

I’m a man you don’t meet every day – The Pogues

Carpetbaggers – Jenny Lewis

Talk to me Baby – Elmore James

Killing the Blues – John Prine as well as Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

The above mix of songs makes for a varied set of tunes and when united creates a delightful diversity. Porth singer, musician and raconteur David Bayliss is just the man to bond the above package of pop together under the banner of acoustic aplomb. This Rhondda minstrel provided joy to the gathered throng of Cultural Chapter. This burgeoning group links World of Words, Rhondda Housing Association and the local population who turn up to enjoy these popular fortnightly gatherings.

There has been a range of guests for these sessions and once again the current star attraction hit the spot with his sonic satisfaction and stellar stories. It is thanks to David for his time, energy and enthusiasm – and if he is in your neck of the woods please check out his talented appraisal.

The next Cultural Chapter get together is on September 24, 10am to 12 noon. The first hour will offer a book club format and then the visitor is ex-Cardiff City FC player Mark Elliott who will speak about areas of positivity e.g. How to clear your past, live in the present and create a brighter future for yourself with Transformology and havening techniques. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.

There is also a WAM night on the Friday of September 27, 7 to 9pm and that that delivers words, art and music and once again is totally free for the punters. MC Mike Church offers rhyme, reason and revellery with lots more as well on a full bill of action with Osian Grifford talking about his art and Paul Rosser providing a series of songs.