Joel James MS has met with Ralph Parker, owner of a McDonald’s franchise in Cardiff which
employs 900 people over 8 restaurants.

During the visit, Ralph explained how businesses like his are vital to the local economy and
can support many people looking for job roles in business careers.

There is a frequent misunderstanding that McDonald’s restaurants are all owned by the
McDonald’s Corporation. In fact, most restaurants in the UK are franchised and each of these
businesses need skilled people in roles such as human resources, business management and

In particular, Ralph highlighted how many people have taken jobs in his restaurants and have
gone on to develop business careers. Starting roles such as a Crew Member has led to
apprenticeships, which have led to NVQ’s and many other opportunities within the business
to develop transferrable skills.

Discussing some of the future prospects for the restaurants, Joel learnt how McDonald’s is
always working on ways to become more sustainable.

The restaurants owned by Ralph’s company will soon be installing electric vehicle chargers
and there is a huge push across his business as well as others in the sector to increase recycling
and to remove unnecessary plastic.

Speaking after the meeting Joel commented:

“I was very glad to hear how the McDonald’s restaurants are owned and run by a local
Welsh business and how they provide much-needed jobs in the local community. I was also
pleased to hear how the business was able to give school leavers vital opportunities in
employment and to gain transferrable business skills”.

“Ralph explained also explained how his restaurants are helping customers. The digital
screens have taken the pressure off customers to make an instant decision at the tills, and
now they can spend more time choosing, the sale of salads and lighter food choices has
risen dramatically”.