Rob Jones

The litter in the locality now time calls for some draconian measures – because the area is an open landfill site. On my travels to other authorities I have seen a variety of options which could be enforced – and not all would cost. Some real focus is called for because we have a tourist haven but what do people see when they arrive over the Rhigos and Bwlch? Beautiful areas awash with rubbish.
It is shameful as in 6 months I have personally collected over 400 bags of rubbish (certain areas such as paths/lanes, etc have seemingly never been cleaned), reported umpteen fly tipping episodes and sparked several lane clean ups from the authority. This is not virtue signalling just a statement that litter is a real problem. There are others out there who are driven by the demands of debris so unite the forces, not just leave them in isolation – with an attitude of they will volunteer – so let them get on with it.

What is left lying around is not just household waste but drug paraphernalia, syringes, vapes, broken bottles, dog poo aplenty, and dangerous items. Only last weekend smashed glass left two cars with punctures and what of the risks to children and animals?
Yes, litter is everywhere, it was never like this in my youth but the Rhondda is particularly bad – just take a trek across the Maendy and then head up the Bwlch – lovely stretches but scarred by trash. It is a mindset for some to think that our landscape is a bin but strides have to be made to make improvements. I am a realist – this is not a situation that can be erased but it is a negative that can be enhanced – but it will take more than lip service. Real inroads need to be made but it is discouraging when no further action is taken despite a series of recommendations and this week litter collected and bagged in the rain was spread across the road and had to be picked up again yesterday. This was reported seven days ago. No immediacy was applied – very disappointing.

There does not seem to be 100% pride from all on board – but we pay our council tax and deserve better and there is public uproar about these episodes that continue. This agenda is not one for the backburner it needs instant attention. Matters which are inside our borders are there to be highlighted and not a nothing can be done attitude or that is the way that it is stance. Let’s hope the Rhondda in all forms can pick up the baton and move forward with expediency and expertise. We have a proud heritage, strong communities and aesthetic beauty – let’s protect these precious commodities.

As the tutor for World of Words i.e. I visit prinary schools to deliver literacy and well-being sessions. One of the aims of our classes is to spread the environmental message and let’s hope thzt these children are market leaders in waste management both now and in the future.