Hi there,With tomorrow being the 40th anniversary of mandatory seatbelt usage, we thought you may be interested in the below facts about the lifesaving devices and the fact that the Government is currently aiming to scrap seatbelt legislation by the end of the year under the Retained EU Law Bill.This is a complex area but what we can say is that although some top level seatbelt law is contained in primary law – the Road Safety Act – the details of the who, what and how are entailed in the Bill the Gov. is looking to scrap.As a not for profit who led the campaign for mandatory seatbelt usage, this is extremely worrying. And with Rishi not wearing a seatbelt recently, the law is a topical and interesting debate.If you need any further info, an interview with our road safety or policy leads, we would be happy to assist. All the best,JessJess – jbarker@rospa.com