Denis Scott, formally of the Rhondda,has had his  first book published. Its title is “A Sacred Sanction”. It is available on in Hard Cover, Soft Cover and also on EBook format. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million are some of the fine book stores that carry the book.

It tells the story of one man’s defense of his wife and home against four home invaders from New York. The home, owner, Byron Breen  lives with his wife Caitlin in an age restricted retirement village in the lush country of Central New Jersey.

In the sexual attack on Caitlin, she undergoes a personality change and is able to begin to resist against her attacker. Caitlin is committed to a therapeutic ward where she undergoes psychiatric treatment for her Multiple Personality Disorder and PTSD. Denis dicusses PTSD, the little known psychiatric disorder that  follows severe traumatic events, such as 9-11, the subway bombings and terroristic suicide attacks that attack the sub-conscious long after the event has passed.

The book describes the trauma associated with the severe personal attack on Caitlin and Breen and how the various protective services, Medical Emergency, local law enforcement, trauma centres, The Coroner and autopsy, County law enforcement, the legal system covering self defense, and the Grand Jury all function for the protection of the citizen.

Despite the graphic violence and true to life description of their torment, what shines throught the story is the passionate and undying love Breen and Caitlin have for each other and the utmost faith in their God. WIll their love for each other and their God protect them?