The row of the removal of the paddling pool in Ynysangharad Park continued this week as the Welsh Liberal Democrats locally accused the Council of wilfully trying to mislead the public.

The comments, from Campaign manager Karen Roberts came after a Freedom of Information request revealed that listed building consent for the Lido renovation was in fact granted on 28th September by the Welsh Government Minister.

“The Council website still states that a decision is pending on the listed building consent, which is necessary as the Lido is a Grade 2 listed building. Director of Regeneration address a packed public meeting on 8th October at which she made no mention of this, despite the subject being one of many raised by residents. Neither was it raised at the Council meeting two weeks ago when the Labour administration decided to ignore the community poll vote and go ahead with their plans.

“What is worse is that the FOI request also reveals that the Council are trying to get out of having to have separate listed building consent for the removal of the paddling pool. They were originally told by CADW that they would need to submit a separate application as the whole park is Grade 2 listed, but it now seems that they are intent on putting together a case for exemption.

“This would mean that members of the public would not have a chance to put in any objections, and so yet again they are denied an opportunity to express their opinions. Although given the recent attitude of the Council in dismissing the
overwhelming vote in favour of retaining the paddling pool it appears that the voice of the people counts for nothing.

It does not bode well for the plans they outlined in their funding application to engage with the public and set up a friends of the park group that they seem incapable of or unwilling to interact with residents so far. “