Some “littlies” at the Centre, enjoying the luxury of their first ever stable experience. They have decided “Fly Grazing” is not for them. Totally wild and unhandled they are lovely little bundles of pony fun.

Apparently they were dumped in a Cemetery locally. Probably on their way back, after failing to sell at a Horse sale. Within days the cemetery people pushed them out and shut the gate, they then were wandering the roadside verges. We were asked to help them and agreed.

The Dog Warden brought them here. Angela &Rosie have been handling them getting them used to people. Angela persevered and got head-collars on them so Rosie has been able to get the knots out of their manes and brush them. Picking up their feet ready for the Farrier was great fun. Several near misses but no one kicked or hurt (yet). It is very satisfying and rewarding work that your support allows. We suspect some may be in foal, but that’s another story.

One little grey (Gypsy) arrived with a badly damaged eye. It was very painful and stressful for her. She had to be handled first to treat the eye. We have saved the eye but it may never be “right” and she is settling well. She passed the Farrier test with flying colours and she is walking out on a lead rope with Rosie. We couldn’t bear to think of these little sweeties ending up as many others have, and more will this winter.

We will soon be looking for special people to take them on loan for six months and continue their handling and getting ready for homing into suitable homes. It is rehabilitation for these truly worthless ponies. A horsey visitor (meaning no harm) was overheard when he described them to his friend as “Lion meat”. However these are not even worth that, as without micro-chips and passports they cannot be transported or slaughtered. Vets charge about £50 to micro-chip and passport an equine. As you can imagine not many people want to spend £50 per head on these little ponies. We cannot help them all but we can help some. We feel sure we can find good loving home for these and maybe a few more. We hope you feel truly proud of what your support makes possible.

Want to help?

Contact Roy at the Pit Pony Sanctuary