We all get those days where we just can’t be bothered to do anything! It’s cold, we’re tired, we don’t want to get dressed and we certainly don’t want to face any responsibilities on these days. In a world that is so fast paced, when do we rarely have a day/time to ourselves?
I recently took time off work to just ‘chill out’ and do the things I enjoy, but somehow I was still drawn to the chores and tasks of everyday life which in the end ate up all my time and drove me crazy. I just couldn’t sit still, the guilt of no doing anything ate away at me. But it was making me stressed and I felt stuck in a rut!
However, I told myself that I do NOT have to feel guilty about not doing anything, I’ve worked hard for so long, I deserve a rest (Even if it’s just one day!)
So I sat and I rested and turned on the TV. As usual there was nothing on and I got bored of flicking through the channels, then in the corner of my eye I spotted my huge storage box of DVD’s.
I switched the TV off and dashed over to the container and excitedly rummaged through it until I could see the DVDs at the bottom of the box.
WOW! There they were! All my favourites, from Horror, Action to Comedy TV box sets. I checked the time and figured I had approximately 7 hours all to myself to indulge in my movies!
Oh yes! I was having a MOVIE DAY! Well if American’s can have Duvet Days, why not?!
I chose the following, SCREAM, The Usual suspects and an episode from my (Don’t judge me) Miss Marple TV Collection (Yes I admit, I love a murder mystery!)
I worked out that I’d still have half hour remaining after I’d watched all the films, so on went the shoes and coat and I dashed to my local shop. Three Galaxy choco bars, a bag of Haribo, a bottle of coke and a share bag of monster munch later, I was snug on my sofa with my duvet covering me, with a goody collection to die for and remote in hand ready for movie number 1.
As soon as the opening scene in Scream had finished, my guilt was safely scared away and I enjoyed every moment of those 7 hours. The next day I worked like a trooper doing all sorts, but boy did I reminisce about the day before. So I implore you, anyone with a stressful life, grab some goodies and take a movie day, your body and mind will thank you!
And remember, DVD’s don’t have to cost a fortune, your local RCT libraries rent them for a week for only £2 , so why not have a look there!