Once Christmas day has passed and the hype is all over, it’s soon time for the New Year. It’s where we all vow to be better people, spend more time with the family, become healthier and make those (not so) long lasting resolutions.
People in RCT make thousands of different resolutions each year and I’m guessing they don’t all stick to them. After all, life is busy and we can often let things slip and slide when everyday life catches up with us.
So why not choose a main resolution, one that is easy to stick to, one that you can benefit from and one that is convenient and fun.
Why don’t you choose to use a RCT library in the New Year?
I know so many people who haven’t used their local libraries since they were a child and they are missing out on so much.
Aside from the friendly and helpful staff, RCT libraries host an array of things for you do and learn. Their basic facilities include lending books, supplying a selection of daily newspapers for you to read and using their PC’s.
However, not many people realise is that the libraries also hold Creative writing classes, History classes, Reading groups, ICT classes and a lot more. Pontypridd library even holds a yoga session every week! You can even rent new release DVD’S for only £2 a week, as well as renting your old favourites.
So I urge everyone, find out what’s happening in the local libraries where you live or work and why not start to get involved in something and make 2013 the year you become inspired!
Use your libraries whilst you can, you’ll miss them once they’re gone!

Linsey Richards l.a.richards00@btyahoo.com