A few weeks ago whilst visiting my fiancé’s grandparents, I came across a stash of his grandmothers magazines. I don’t normally read true story or gossip magazines so it was quite refreshing and entertaining to flick through them.

However, one story stopped me cold as I flicked through a September’s issue of Women’s Own. It was a story about a women who has secondary breast cancer (She found out during planning her wedding) and how she has set up a foundation for women and their fiancés to help organise, donate and pay for weddings for those who are terminally ill, so they get to have the wedding of their dreams before its unfortunately too late.
As I was in the middle of planning my own dream wedding in Disneyland Florida in February 2013, I felt slightly sick at the thought, that whilst I was bossing around my American Wedding Planner and taking everything for granted, there are so many women who would give anything just to live long enough to marry the men of their dreams.
Right then and there I took down the foundation details and got in touch with them and told them that I would be so honoured to donate everything that is possible from my wedding, including my enormous ‘Princess’ wedding dress, tiara, veil, shoes and so on.
I’ve since also put my name forward to fundraise for them in the South Wales area in the New Year as the story really did touch my heart and made one heck of an effect on me.
The website is very informative and I encourage everyone to go on and look. It’s heart breaking to see so many young women dying and just wanting to say their vows first.
We all take life for granted, not purposely, but because we never think ‘that’ could happen to us and god willing the majority of us will never be affected in this way, but for the women who are, let’s do our best to make sure whatever time they have left, they get to have a dream wedding.
They may not be able to travel to Disneyland to get married, but they can still feel like a princess when they say ‘I do!’
The details are as followed:
Naomi was the lady telling the story and it’s her who’s running the foundation. I know she’d be made up if you could get in touch to help, even if you cannot donate wedding dresses, there’s always fundraising events that need an extra pair of hands.
Go on its Christmas – The Season of Goodwill!
Thank you in advance to those who get in touch!