When was the last time you went to a pub quiz? When was the last time you went to a pub quiz and realised that most of the other teams were Googling the answers on their mobile phones? The ‘C’ factor has brought the long-standing original premise of the pub quiz into disrepute, the ‘c’ that stands for ‘cheating’! This has pretty much ruined the pub quiz for many and in recent years there has been a lack of interest in taking part in a quiz night as it just stopped being a fair game where knowledge had been replaced by fastest Googling fingers.

Now all that has changed. The pub quiz has been revolutionised, re-branded and sent on its way in a shiny new format that is taking the world by storm. SpeedQuizzing, much like garlic bread was in the early nineties, is the future!

SpeedQuizzing works like this; each team taking part needs a Smartphone. This can be an iPhone, Android or any IOS compatible device and even tablets can be used. The SpeedQuizzing app is downloaded for FREE onto the device, turning it into a virtual buzzer for the team to press when they think they have a correct answer.

The SpeedQuizzing event also incorporates picture-based rounds, the images will also pop up on the screen of the mobile being used. The keypad will be used to answer multiple-choice questions and also any questions with numerical answers.

There are music rounds, bonus question rounds, general knowledge and a huge array of trivia based questions. Basically, there is something for everyone here.

There are more and more people willing to host a SpeedQuizzing event in their hometowns, from the UK to America. Anyone with a basic knowledge of technology can become a host; there is plenty of tech support from the guys who invented the SpeedQuizzing software. There are various affordable packages for a host to buy, a one off SpeedQuizzing event costs as little as £21. This pays for access to the software needed and a package of questions and answers. All the info needed to set up your own SpeedQuizzing event can be found here http://www.speedquizzing.com/
As a SpeedQuizzing host, you can find out what’s on and where all over the country via Twitter. Many of the current hosts use Twitter to advertise their nights and to keep in touch with other quiz hosts and even to connect with the players who attend their events and like to give some feedback on their thoughts. Of course, for many once they have been to one SpeedQuizzing event, they can’t wait to go to the next one!

Twitter and Facebook are both excellent sites to get your night off the ground and to reach as many people in your area as possible to let them know about the amazing new quiz night you are hosting. Best of all, it’s free advertising for your night! So what are you waiting for?