A twelve strong Soul II Soul line up led by Jazzie B took to the stage at Cardiff University. After a lengthy instrumental introduction the velvet voice of Caron Wheeler took the audience in to raptures as the pure pop perfection of Keep on Moving brought the house down. The irrepressible songstress then afforded her tasteful touches to several other anthems and the gathered throng echoed the sentiments of the Soul II Soul I love You, Soul II Soul I Care lyrics.

A booming bass rocked the room and this forceful electric charge travelled through each individual from toe to tip. Friday night fever ensued as the public responded to the sounds that have amounted to 25 years of regal rhythms.

Many of the punters present were orbited back to their youths as the likes of Get a Life exacerbated the pleasure. Elements of the Club Classics Vol. One album masterpiece appeared and the crowd wanted more! However, the band mainly looked elsewhere for their inspiration. Soul II Soul shifted through a gamut of groove gears and guest vocalists added to a carnival concert that even resulted in a friendly breakdance face-off to the rear of the hall. Unfortunately, it is now Back to Life and Back to Reality for us mere mortals; but our witnessing of tunes such as Joy created an evening of escapism from those winter woes.

Jazzie B took photos of his adoring fans and then he commented ‘That’s the Cardiff I love!’; and the feeling was mutual as those assembled took delighted in an act that they adore