The Fall lit up The Globe in Cardiff with their below 2013 live date. The band return with the uncompromising juggernaut of six track EP The Remainderer on the sublime Cherry Red Records. A Live album is also due, but for now our memories of the majesty of Mark E Smith and his marauders is charted here!

One would not expect to report about the jovial presence of Mark E. Smith. However, The Globe in Cardiff witnessed The Fall leader smiling, sharing in light-hearted banter and playing with the gathered throng. M.E.S. offered quips about Deep Purple and Steppenwolf, he wrapped a microphone cord around the neck of one guy and hands over his turned off mouthpiece to give random persons their shot at 15 seconds of false fame! It may be tongue in cheek but Smith grinned at the audience and said ‘I love you!’ This may be standard practice for your punter pleasing performer but this is the legendary Lancastrian Lucifer!

‘Fall fuehrer in fun-time fantasy’! Well! Let’s not get carried away! Smith can also pull facial contortions that could have Dracula running for the hills! He also tampers with equipment (to the dismay of his musicians), sits down away from the gaze of his fans and barks out an encore from off-stage. It‘s not traditional but it’s absorbing!

Nobody at The Globe gives a damn about the vacuous void of plagiarised pop! For The Fall ambush the ordinary and achieve the extraordinary!

The Fall can bring a classic cover to the tune table and Strychnine, White Lightning _and_ Mr. Pharmacist _hit the spot. More recent gems such as Bury, Theme from Sparta FC, Chino, I’ve been duped and the amazing blindness score heavily. Meanwhile, the fresh fare of _Sir William Wray, Hittite Man, Jetplane, kinder of Spine and Victrola Time strike with vengeance. Each song has an alternative life at every show and there were amendments to a Butlins, Minehead slot from the previous month. The ‘always the same, but always different’ tag afforded to The Fall by the late DJ John Peel was in evidence in Cardiff.

There have been many Fall folk over the years, but Mark E. is the omnipresent force. The present line-up of The Fall fire on all cylinders across a lengthy set and a vibrant bass/guitar/keyboard backdrop supports the antics of the vocalist. The intimate nature of The Globe also helps place this appearance at the top of the Smith plus sidekicks live listings! The new  Re-Mit album confirms that this act is a tower of strength! The Fall are essential and essential is something that we cannot do without! A wonderful and frightening world awaits you……