An award-winning animation studio has created a video to promote a programme that aims to put Wales at the forefront of sustainability expertise in the built environment sector.

Introducing Best is a fun one-minute film explaining how the EU-backed Built Environment Sustainability Training (BEST) project can help professionals in the built environment sector in Convergence areas.

The video explains that, whether firms employ 100 people or one, BEST provides flexible training to help businesses grow, develop new skills and improve their impact on society, the environment, and the economy.

It can be viewed on the BEST website and is gaining momentum through social media.

“The video is great fun, and explains in simple terms what we are offering and what the benefits are – to individuals, businesses and to Wales as a whole,” said BEST programme director, Dr Julie Gwilliam.

“Radish Pictures have done a fantastic job – the video is creating a lot of interest and helping to get our message out in a way that grabs people’s attention.”

Radish Pictures founder Peter Baynton said: “Finding fun and playful ways to communicate BEST’s message within the constraints we set ourselves proved to be a fantastically rewarding creative process. One of the key ideas was to only do things that were physically possible to do in camera, requiring no laborious post-production efforts. This would give things a bit of a magical feel, as if the pair of hands that control the objects on the desk belong to an amateur conjurer or slight-of-hand artist. It was a really fun project to work on.”

BEST is coordinating a major programme of flexible, subsidised training to develop knowledge and skills in the latest sustainability practices – particularly in construction, energy, waste, and water.

Supported by the European Social Fund, through the Welsh Government, BEST training courses will be offered to people who live or work in one of Wales’ Convergence areas, from early 2014 until July 2015.

BEST is bringing together outstanding training providers to deliver training which will benefit businesses, employees, the environment and the economy of Wales, with training for people such as energy assessors and advisors, architects, planners, engineers, maintenance teams, surveyors, site supervisors and other related roles.

Radish Pictures is a multi-award winning London animation studio, founded by animator and director Peter Baynton. Its clients include Volkswagen, Microsoft, BBC, Channel 4, Anchor Butter, and Cartoon Network.

Training providers, employers and individuals who are interested in finding out more about BEST, should visit or phone 029 2087 0990.