Written by Rob Jones of facebook.com/world.of.words.org
Until a July 2014 Paul Weller gig I had never been inside Cardiff Castle, However, after this gig there was a steely desire to make an instant return and explore a flamboyant focal point of the Welsh capital city.
The incredible buildings, extravagant décor plus breathtaking architecture make for an interesting day and wondrous weather enhances the experience. This cultural and historical centre piece offers a surfeit of stories and surprises; and, a cast of characters play roles in the development and design of a phenomenal feature. The audio accompaniment at each information board offers more data about that particular point of interest via a Huw Edwards commentary.
On our visit the gates were constantly welcoming more and more groups of intrigued folk and this busy incoming traffic was in for a treat. Climb to the peak of the Norman Keep and scan the South Wales landscape and meander to the various vantage points which provide alternative views of the city. Marvel at the impact that the castle played in World War Two and travel back through the ages and learn of its many other tales.
Wales may not be known the world over but the profile of Cardiff Castle will heighten awareness with guests from the September 2014 NATO Summit attending this arena.
There is so much to witness that our stay took in four hours with time for a meal included-and, that was without accompanied assistance. However, for an additional fee there is also the chance to take an official guided tour. To add to the archive accounts there is also a falconry section and the spectacle of Hector the Owl with his feathered friends also enhances the package.
This Welsh wonder proves to be a hit with global guests. So enjoy this encounter! There is no hassle, just head to Cardiff Castle!