by Rob Jones

House Of All – ‘Continuum’
CD/LP/DD – Released 5th April 2024 – Tiny Global Productions

What a difference a year makes, right? HOUSE Of ALL’s follow-up to their self-titled debut came about at some risk to band and label . . . so absolutely sure of their debut, Martin Bramah asked for an advance on recording costs for the follow-up before their self-titled album had even been released. Needless to say, things went pretty well with the debut, which led to a few sold-out tours, wildly enthusiastic press and great sales.
Follow-ups do come with perils, but perhaps Bramah’s presumption was the very thing which has allowed CONTINUUM to escape the dread second album syndrome, because . . . it’s fantastic! Whatever initial re-establishment of synaptic connection was needed to get things grooving on their debut, after many years since they’d last played together (excepting Peter Greenway, whose genuine bravery in joining four former members of The Fall that he alone had never played with before) is history now.

The grooves are bigger, the lyrics brilliant, Tomos Williams’ production is top-notch and the necessity sitting on this album while the first one kept on rolling offered the advantage of allowing Dave Trumfio (of The Mekons and Pulsars) time to fine-tune the mixing and mastering . . . and it sounds HOT.