The 2013 Tricky False Idols album is a remarkable work from a hip hop guru. The Tricky debut long player Maxinquaye was a seminal trip hop opus that offered a template for others to follow. Tricky has strayed from the winning formula that led to his diligent debut and several superseding records have not made the relevant impact. However, False Idols rocks up, chills out and dances on while remaining unlike any other. Golden grooves, subtle samples, guests galore and a production prowess make this set a dark, deep and delicious treat. The Jah Wobble/PIL bass led pop tones of Does It lead to the stand out track-but there is not one flaw in this immaculate record.
The 2014 Tricky Adrian Thaws release maintains the momentum of last year’s triumph. Tricky has most definitely returned to form after a series of hit and miss pop products. The newAdrian Thaws work aptly named after him is a fine mix of music that could be coded as android hip hop!
There are many highs and there is once again vocal variety aplenty to add to a range of regal rhythms. Tricky stands alone waving his chameleon flag-and, he keeps on unearthing new talent to aid his cause. A cover of the 1979, Janet Kay No. 1 hit Silly Games adds to the attraction of a multi-dimensional set! Tricky can turn his aural antenna to anything if he so chooses-and, he is a unique talent!
As the mainstream is stagnant Tricky offers sounds that put the Top 40 to shame. However, this beat baron sits on the perimeters quite happily creating fresh sonic frontiers. It is imperative that you take the time to explore the two recent Tricky works which have been made available his False Idols label. 
Tricky was once Nearly God & it may be time for him to take the main throne!