Smooth, suave, sophisticated and soulful……ladies and gentleman it’s the inimitable Bryan Ferry and his lustrous Avonmore album. The man who shot to fame via Roxy Music has taken his career in a number of directions but he is at his best when delivering cultured rhythms that he masters with ease.
The beats direct their audience to Dance Away as a steady sonic spine is spaced out with those radiant riffs and trademark touches. Then our front those famous Ferry phonics rubberstamps the cummerbund qualities of this late night chill thrill.
The production is never in doubt with a Ferry record as the crystal clear class always shines through. On this ride our Slave to Love has a tasty tome of tuxedo tunes which offer panache and precision. The likes of Loop de Li, Avonmore, One Night Stand, Lost and Driving me Wild will become fan favourites and the cast of players aiding the cause heighten the appeal. Guest appearances include contributions from Johnny Marr, Nile Rodgers, Flea, Ronnie Spector and Mark Knopfler and such input adds to a polished product that has the feel of a another Avalon.
A 70th birthday may beckon but Ferry creates a tapestry that deserves to litter the singles charts. However, within the mundane manufactured mainstream real talent (especially of a certain age) can be overlooked. Bryan Ferry has been a major influence and his current output indicates that he is still a Special kind of Guy.
by Rob Jones