Visage brought together a lot of talented people including members of Magazine, Ultravox, The Rich Kids and of course Steve Strange. Welsh born Strange (born Steven John Harrington, 28 May 1959 – 12 February 2015) was at the fore of the band and his sad passing away concludes a life that had many twists and turns.
Strange was at the forefront of the New Romantic movement and the development of the night club scene in the 80’s. His career took on many shapes and it was not without its downs as regards drug addiction and
health issues. However, his colourful persona was associated with the pomp and peacock panache of a golden era of British pop.
Strange will always be remembered for being at the Sex Pistols legendary gig in Caerphilly in 1976 and from that juncture his life went on a merry go round ride and such a charismatic character and clothing catalyst will be missed! Steve Strange RIP.