Review by Rob Jones
Photos by Matthew Becker

The opening period of the Bryan Ferry gig at St. David’s Hall, Cardiff was largely exacerbated by infectious up tempo rhythms from the sumptuous Avonmore album. Several tracks from the contemporary Ferry long player were met with appreciative approval and their golden guile has a rock treasure still cutting the mustard even in to his fifth decade of musical industry. Other career spanning tunes skirted around new material and a penchant for ballads surfaced as well as the notable playing skills of various band members. The eleven piece outfit excelled in their musical prowess as individuals and as a collective but the audience at this juncture appeared to be on their best behaviour.

A period of polished product had the luxurious Avalon rule the roost with its breathtaking beauty and that song alone would be worth the entrance fee!
However, a seated and respectful crowd then threw off the shackles and turned back the years as the Roxy Music anthem Love is the Drug punched its pop power from the psychedelic lit stage. From this point onwards a flurry of fans favourites ensued and the punters sprung forth and danced away to their delight. The change in atmosphere was startling as tunes such as Virginia Plain, Editions of You, Do the Strand and Let’s Stick Together sent the auditorium from a state of relative calm in to a maelstrom of choreographic frenzy.

Bryan and his band can display artistic diligence and avant-garde panache but they bolstered the proceedings with a hatful of hits that will always satisfy the Ferry faithful. The nostalgia paid dividends and there was so much more in the locker but on this occasion a well received three song encore brought the close on a successful summer set. This smooth and sophisticated hero can put many of his peers and plagiarists to shame and our capital city was all the better for what proved to be an entertaining evening. Ferry good indeed!

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