By Rob Jones

Hell hath no Fury is a 2 DVD release that charts the career of Patti Smith and also assesses the cream of her American pop peers. The analysis of real rock n roll royalty is released on Pride. The halcyon 70’s period of an influential alternative artist takes centre stage and that means the albums: Horses, Radio Ethiopia, Easter and Wave. This quartet of long players had cause to unite and divide both the press and the public. However, Patti could not be accused of: Resting on her laurels, avoiding controversy, following trends, taking the easy option or sticking to one formula. She has continued in that vein throughout her career with a lexicon of lyrics and a smorgasbord of sounds-but, her most memorable moments came during this decade of diversity.

The poetic leanings of Smith sparked interest in her nascent career but when she tied the messages to music it surfaced that something special was on the horizon. Patti was a regular fixture at the legendary CBGB’s venue and a crucial integer in an exploding New York music revolution. Smith was to the fore of a new genre that became labelled punk and the arrival of the Horses long player in 1975 proved that there was some substance to this fresh brand of rebel rock.

Every aural aficionado needs to hear Horses and forty years on this seminal set still has bite and it is an astounding and unparalleled debut. A 2015 Glastonbury gig included a birthday appearance and speech by the Dalai Lama. The overwhelming plus of this performance was that Smith can still cut the mustard and as a stage entity she is not just Gloria but glorious!

Hell hath no Fury has a disc of appraisal from both collaborators and appraisers along with some fertile footage. The highs and lows of the Smith story are assessed and credit to the production team for this approach. Meanwhile, the second disc dissects the Smith role in the all important yesteryear CBGB’s tale and also in the wider context of a burgeoning New York movement. The analysis dissects an all important era speaking to key players and acclaimed experts. That means a Big Apple that also brought us the likes of: Television, Blondie, The New York Dolls, The Heartbreakers, The Ramones, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Talking Heads and Suicide. Henceforth, a potent package makes for an essential experience!

This product is worth investigating one spare evening-Because the Night can be enhanced by the one and only Patti Smith as she sprung forth from one of the most exciting city scenes in the history of popular culture. Check it out!