by Rob Jones
This product should be called LIP becuase it is a PIL in reverse! The LIP of Lydon shows that random blaspheme and his my way is the only way mantra does not make for interesting comment. The music that unfortunately supports his growl is not the PIL that the original fans swooned over and on occasions the merchandise comes over like the illegitimate son of Big Country.

This sad situation obviously pays testament to the nascent contributions of Jah Wobble and Keith Levene because since they departed the band many moons ago things have never been as experimental or as inspiring. Changes in musical directions are always important as long as the quality remains-unfortunatley this is a car crash that arrives via the driver losing control!

The memories of First Edition, Metal Box, Flowers of Romance and Commercial Zone are still alive and these five star records mean that PIL will always be held in high esteem. I love PIL but it has been a long time since their endeavour has prompted a positive vibe! Their impact is diminishing with every subsequent substandard release-and, this work is most definitiely not What the world needs Now!