Rob Jones

There are those who influence and others who take the template of their heroes and go on to score bigger successes. Bob Mould in his times with Husker Du was not perhaps the beneficiary of major commercial credits but his sonic style provided a spark for a whole host of acts that went on to become significant players, e.g. Nirvana and Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl even went on to play a role in a Mould tribute concert). Other turns have also doffed their caps to the great man and Pixies are amongst that number. Warehouse: Songs and Stories saw Bob Mould play a central role in one of the greatest alt. rock albums ever; and via The Living End he was core to an exceptional live recording.

God bless those Husker Du works as well as several more notable releases!! However, after the period 1979-1988 it was time for change.

After a bitter, messy and traumatic Husker Du split Mould took up a solo career and his Workbook long player was a less brutal affair than some of the ferocious fare of his former employers. Mould took his fresh material on tour with a new three piece-and Live Mould: FM Radio Studio Broadcast 1989 on Smokin’ Productions is a new release celebrating an era where Mould overcame a pile of hurdles to prove his worth as an entity in his own right.

This is 69 minutes of heavy, heartfelt industry where in the preferred trio format of that time Bob and his associates can take the roof off! However, align the momentum to melody and Mould is the master as Welsh fans will have a chance to witness at The Globe, Cardiff on Wednesday, February 10, 8pm. Tickets are £24.75 (including booking fee) and the event is for over 14’s.

or Enquiries: 07590 471 888