Rob Jones
Bryan Ferry is the sultan of smooth and his well polished, late night chill offers a funk-rock-soul experimentation. A seamless style filters through the proceedings at St David’s Hall, Cardiff and it all makes for a happy Monday. On the back of his last diamond date  at the venue this rock royalty was hugely in demand – and, tonight he was part of a nine piece band who were set to create an expansive manifesto.

Any initial aims were clear as the audience was eased in to the show with a whole host of mostly subtle sounds from the velvet vaults of a solo CV and also Roxy Music Midas. The sonic seduction is sublime and the professionalism of the players creates both an effortless elegance and a faultless focus. The major hits and other bits are given a live feel as each musician has the chance to shine in singular and solidified entities. Ancient ally and guitar guru Chris Spedding leads the luster and his licks are imperative to the Ferry fare. Nonetheless, there are opportunities for admiration as regards all of the personnel present and of course this is not a stonewash denim affair. The stage is akin to a fashion catwalk and when the lights come on it is evident that the punters as a whole have also made the effort.

The laid back grooves can also go through the gears and when things move in to the domain of buoyant beats the shackles come off the crowd. The key tune is Love is the Drug and from this point the green light is on for dance fever and the area in front of the stage becomes home to a group of people in the main aged 50 plus with a high percentage of females to the fore. This congregation are throwing shapes as if the 70’s and 80’s had re-appeared without a single hiccup in between. The aural ammunition offers the beat and the pumped up punters move their feet!

A three song encore maintained the momentum as the cream of the crop came to the top – although on a subjective level I did miss Both Ends Burning. However, over an hour and half passes without a dip in the standards – and, once again Bryan has scored another success in the Welsh capital. Ferry good indeed!
The set list was:
The Main Thing
Slave to Love
Out of the Blue
Where or When
A waste Land
Bete Noire
Stronger thru the Years
Bitter Sweet
Oh Yeah!
In every dream Home
If there is Something
More than This
Love is the Drug
Virginia Plain
Let’s stick Together
Jealous Guy
Editions of You