Rob Jones

The Stoned Roses took to the stage at Ystrad Rhondda RFC in order to honour the work of Brown, Squire, Mani and Reni! The four piece tribute were a big hit with an audience that did not all stem from the late 80’s. There were also quite a lot of younger fans who had obviously shared in the benefits of the record collections of their elders. The mix of the ages led to a thoroughly joyous experience that united people from across  several decades under the banner of Midas music.

The band put in a solid set from across the career of one of Manchester’s most prized assets – and, when you can pluck so many magnificent moments out of a velvet vaults it aids the cause. Kicking off with I wanna be Adored the punters were them treated to the lustrous likes of: Fools Gold, She bangs the Drums, I am the Resurrection, Sally Cinnamon, Waterfall, Sugar Spun Sister, Elephant Stone, Ten Storey Love Song and Love Spreads. The credible deliveries did justice to the magnitude of some of the most iconic tunes in pop history and the presentation at the rugby club paid due diligence to the original weight of so many classic indie rock anthems. This quartet came, saw and conquered -and, well done to the venue for having invited an ever expanding list of acts who offer alternatives to the usual cap doffing. Future attractions include events that are themed around ska, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones among others plus there is also a selection of other live attractions.

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