Rob Jones

Caerphilly Workmen’s Hall welcomed a Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds led Rezillos quintet. The Guardians of Public Morality warmed up the crowd with a diverse selection of tribute tunes such as Pretty Vacant through Crazy Horses and on to 99 Red Balloons! There was also a little bit of theatre which was hysterical when a masked lady came on pretending to ride a bizarre wooden horse contraption!

Therefore, an air of joviality was present and that was the perfect platform for the headliners because The Rezillos fired proceedings in to unchartered galaxies! Yes! People if you are looking for the ultimate power pop punk party coated with nods to the 50’s and 60’s then look no further than this energetic Edinburgh enterprise!

Fay sported her usual colourful cross section of fashions with a nod to the go-go dancing scene of a yesteryear swinging decade. Meanwhile, Eugene arrived as if he had just come to conquer the local castle in his guise as a ‘Pirate of the Caledonian’. Meanwhile, as the gig unfurled it is clear that guitarist Jim Brady also plays a central role in whipping up the crowd. There is also a call to celebrate the rhythm section of original drummer Angel Paterson and more recent recruit Chris Agnew who steady the ship and enable their comrades to cut loose and press the green button for craziness.

A memorable night was on the cards and when the band kicked in to their 70’s anthems: I can’t stand my Baby, Bad Guy Reaction and Flying Saucer Attack the atmosphere went in to orbit. This is the 40th year of this band and who cares because it is still 110 miles per hour. Songs from the 2015 Zero album also feature and they include the title track, Groovy Room, Sorry about Tomorrow and Life’s a Bitch (with the fresh fare displaying a punchy panache!). However, the family favourites of the epic 1978 Can’t stand The Rezillos album are what the punters lust after and they are not disappointed as a master class in mellifluous motor momentum is offered via the likes of: Getting me Down, No, Mystery Action, (My baby does) Good Sculptures, It gets Me, Top of the Pops, Destination Venus and live favourite a reworking of River Deep Mountain High.

In between song banter from the band was comical and they really do their best to involve the audience. Fay’s skills as a trained clinical psychologist came in handy as a judgement was made on a lively bunch in the mosh pit-and, she was spot on as things got a bit hectic in the thick of the hard core arena!

The dual vocals of Fife and Reynolds mean that things are always chopping and changing with our eyes and ears doing double time as so much is going on both aurally and visually! This is a real concert! As a result the public wanted more and that is what they got courtesy of the seldom heard 1978 B-side 20,000 Rezillos under the Sea (which is a riotous reimagining of Gioachino Rossini’s William Tell Overture) and another old gem the colossal cover Somebody’s gonna get their head kicked in Tonight.

Well played The Rezillos! It was smiles all round as fans departed and it was most definitely a case of Mission Accomplished….but the beat goes On!