Rob Jones

The Stranglers recorded some of the most important and innovative albums that came from the rebel rock revolution of the late 70’s and to the forefront of this collection is the breathtaking Black & White album. The classic line up of Cornwell, Burnel, Black and Greenfield took their ever expansive sound in to new areas and this wondrous work witnessed the band at the peaks of their alternative adventure. This record also kick started several years of seminal success as releases such as Raven maintained the momentum-and, this era has also been seen as the start of the post punk genre.
The Stranglers have been minus Hugh Cornwell since 1990 but now feature Baz Warne and also Jim MacAulay who replaces Jett Black for touring slots. The band will present the inspirational contents of Black & White (with Mike Peters and The Alarm in support) at Cardiff University on Friday, March 18, 2016, 8pm.
Tickets are £29 via or