Rob Jones

The Bowie in Berlin DVD traces the period surrounding probably the most fertile years of the recently deceased rock god. 1969 kick started the Bowie buoyancy as he transformed himself from just another folk pop artist in to a Space Oddity sensation. From that elevation it was onwards through other phases heading towards the monumental Ziggy Stardust and then soul boy come Thin White Duke era.  The creativity was evident as David Bowie morphed from 60’s wannabe to 70’s wonder!

A lead part as an alien in the Man who fell to Earth movie had the man born David Robert Jones shift gears. This androgynous idol was also drawn towards the aural adventure apparent in Germany. Bowie packed his bags and Iggy Pop joined him for what was to prove to be a successful stint in Berlin. These pop pioneers sought to clean up their acts while taking their respective careers in new directions. It certainly worked for Iggy who with the assistance of David made some of his most memorable music.

Meanwhile, Bowie as per usual used his skills to hone in on key players such as Kraftwerk and the underground stars of the krautrock scene. The magpie mechanics of the Brixton boy was to score fresh praise and personnel such as Tony Visconti, Brian Eno and Robert Fripp played roles in another new and exciting Bowie chapter.

An era of electro experimentation blended with an already pertinent ability to create a  premier pop/rebel rock mix enabled alternative album aplomb to flourish across the years 1976-1979. As a result the remarkable records: Low, Heroes and Lodger surfaced and in turn stamped their phenomenal fare upon the musical world.

Associates, analysts, affecters and admirers unveil the details surrounding these renowned studio triumphs-and, once again the brilliance of Bowie comes to the fore.

As 2016 opened the life of Bowie ended-and, the great man is sorely missed! To soften this hammer blow we can rejoice in a sublime sonic style and dexterous documentary delights such as Bowie in Berlin also present monumental memories!

David Bowie VIP RIP.