Rob Jones

The groundbreaking terrain of David Bowie covers an infinite distance that stretches out to a Life on Mars and beyond in to other galaxies. This colossal cultural chameleon is the most durable, diligent, diverse deity of modern music. The wand of Bowie has cast its spell over a smorgasbord of sound spheres; and, the rest of the field can at best only play second fiddle to the influence of the greatest of Heroes.

Bowie has set standards and broken boundaries that step outside of his aural art-and, this sonic scientist has been an astute student of his craft and the endeavour of those on the margins.

The DVD: David Bowie in his own Words (Interviews and Contributions) unites a collage on conversations with the Starman to the fore. The 70’s Berlin years have Bowie in full flow discussing his liaisons with Brian Eno, Robert Fripp and Iggy Pop as well as supporting new acts and at this time he tips a relatively unknown but obviously alternative Devo for recognition.

The discussions display confidence but also modesty-and despite being an idol he pushes this accolade to one side claiming that his goal is just to work. He also shies away from an immense impact upon his followers and states that the most important person in each individual life is the one that stares back at us in the mirror. There is intensity within his thought process but he is also prone to levity and that comes across in abundance.

January 2016 marked our farewell to David Bowie but his Golden Years have touched countless performers and punters. Please watch this recording and marvel at the maestro who fell to earth.