By Rob Jones

Dave Grohl is arguably the greatest rock star of our generation! From becoming the boisterous backbeat of Nirvana (1990-1994) he then moved on to be the fiery frontman of Foo Fighters (a post he still holds as at 2016). Along the way Dave has also liaised with the likes of Killing Joke, Queens of the Stone Age, Lemmy and a gallery of other gods. However, bombast at the helm of Foo Fighters has offered the crowning glory-and, an exciting example of his stage stomp comes is the recently released Down in Toronto: The Classic 1996 Broadcast. Only just over a year on from their formation a 20 track, 76 minute tome captures a fierce foursome in full flow.

A FM radio show at the Concert Hall in the Canadian city delivers high voltage rock n roll and the soon to become trademark tirade of Grohl and his group indicates that the years ahead will be paved with gold. The compositions written by the leader make up the majority of the motor music featured i.e. the core of the debut album This is a Call, early ‘B’ sides e.g. Winnebago, tunes set for the sophomore long player The Colour & the Shape; but, there is also a pumped up cover of the Gary Numan anthem, Down in the Park.

Many of these Grohl grooves were written when he was in Nirvana but he kept them back because he though his talent was subservient to Kurt Cobain. However, you can judge for yourself and obviously an enormous fan base has certainly approved of dynamic Dave in the decades that have since passed.