Rob Jones

If your credentials include influential stints in Magazine plus Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds then you have to be taken seriously. To add to these band credits a seminal solo career has ensued absorbing a variety of styles that can step aside from the roles adopted in the aforementioned groups.

The six track Love Sick Dick EP has Adamson displaying his skills as he unites his playing prowess across the board uniting experimentation with eclectic meanderings. This could be a sextet of various artists as the array of angles adopted really goes for the jugular and the Adamson adventure seemingly always promotes the soundtrack sensibility. Guitar, drum, bass, keyboards et al can take either a traditional or leftfield path – regularly interweaving in order to offer a multi-layered lustre. Meanwhile, the scintillating story sitting aboard the sonic surveillance has a meandering soul trekking through a nocturnal landscape as he tries to search for salvation.

Barry moves through the decades from his 70’s roots through the subsequent decades occasionally looking back to volley forward. Meanwhile, Love Sick Dick battles on in order to get through the dark and find a light at the end of a tortuous tunnel. This release is quite an achievement that has Adamson stand alone as a unique talent.