Rob Jones

The Damned have played Wales on numerous occasions and yours truly has been lucky enough to witness shows in Bridgend, Pontypridd and several Cardiff venues. One of the great post-millennium shows was on 16 December 2008 at the sadly departed outlet The Point in the Welsh capital. Here is a review of that show to get you in the mood for the return of The Damned to the principality for a 40th anniversary date at The Tramshed on Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 7.30pm.

Since the halcyon days of the 70’s The Damned has experienced many ups and downs, splits and reformations, line up changes and a variety of record labels.
The Damned played The Point, Cardiff-and, an animated audience were central to the electric entertainment! The Damned guarantee a pogo on the pavement of punk and a saunter on the sidewalk of psyschedelia! To coat the sonic stampede there is also heaps of humour via the demented Captain Sensible and the debonair Dave Vanian.

The crowd were taken through four decades of forceful decadence as The Damned dipped in to the past and lapped up the present courtesy of their new album ‘So Who’s Paranoid?’
The fast and furious tunes whip up a kaleidoscope of characters in a Christmas crowd-and, the motor of New Rose, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Fan Club, Love Song and Stretcher Case Baby will never fail to fire up a faithful following. Neat Neat Neat with three bass players (ex-members Bryn Merrick and Paul Gray joined the proceedings) turned in to a free for all jam that was comical but took the sting out of a fans favourite. The 60’s sway of certain songs head off on a musical meander that would be more at home with a carefree caftan community than a gathering seeking a rebel rock ride. Even the Captain suggested a tongue in cheek link to Santana after a three drummer led progressive piece went on forever!

It was obvious that Smash it Up was going to send the show in to orbit and that anthem was left to last in an energetic encore. The Damned plug their current release, unleash their mayhem and display that the class of 1976 still has a range of tricks. However, it is the nuclear new wave that will always perk up the party, and not a solo, semi-striptease (not so) Sensible Happy Talk concert closer!

NB Unfortunately Bryn Merrick passed away on 12 September 2015 and a part of the band history has gone but it will never be forgotten. However, across four decades a lot has happened but the original forces of Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible still man the good ship with long term stalwarts Monty Oxymoron, Pinch and Stu West joining the team. The current line up takes to The Tramshed and tickets for a 14 years and up concert are on sale at £27.50 via