Rob Jones
The Moon Club in the Welsh capital welcomes Rob Lloyd and his troops for another high energy night of everything and the kitchen sink rock n roll glory! In recent years The Nightingales have played successful shows at The Factory, Porth and Cardiff University plus the magnificent 2009 evening below. The band has made a few line up changes but in essence the current quartet still drive on with dynamism and diligence. Read on………..
The post-punk pulse of Midland mavericks The Nightingales was at the forefront of the 80’s, Radio One schedule of the late great DJ, John Peel. The Nightingales leader, Rob Lloyd has returned to post millennium action, and a show at the Buffalo Bar, Cardiff was a monumental triumph.
Take the nuances of Captain Beefheart, throw in some Link Wray plus a portion of The Fall and then add the unique Lloyd lyrical loaded lustre-and, the raw power of a cult act becomes a tad clearer. However, there is much more to this dynamic force!
The fiery four that make up the current line up do not rest on any previous achievements, for this is not a nostalgia trip! 
A punk confrontation and post-punk discordance are joined by rockabilly rhythms, palatable pop, and a unique stage presence that even makes the odd drum solo acceptable. Lloyd enters the arena of the punter and anti-serenades anyone who comes in to his view-and, to add to this manic mingling the humour is aplenty as ad-libs dovetail with the fruits of a colossal, aural arsenal.
The songs interweave, head off in to new pastures and the element of surprise combines with the off kilter behaviour of a truly, original front man. Newer material is joined by a rollercoaster ride of past pomp-and, just when you think that a cover of The Troggs 60’s hit ‘I can’t control Myself’ is off the cuff the lads then throw in a soaring version of the Status Quo smash ‘Paper Plane’!
The Nightingales playing was tighter than a duck’s rear end soldered together with krypton and the guys do not hold back in their delivery! This was a golden gig from a combo who deserve more acclaim, and you are well advised to get to a Nightingales gig, because once to witness this motor music Midas is an imperative experience!  
Q. How can you afford to miss this level of excitement? 
A. You cannot!
The 2016 line up of Rob Lloyd, Fliss Kitson, Andreas Schmid and James Smith will no doubt be aiming to replicate the highs of the above never to be forgotten night-and, we eagerly await their arrival.
The Nightingales, Ted Chippington and Mwstard play The Moon Club (Womanby Street) on Thursday, May 19, 7.30pm and tickets are a bargain £8.80 (including booking fee) via and for the venue call 02920 373022.