Rob Jones
I had the misfortune to miss The Ramones as a live entity-and, that is something I will always regret! As close as I got to the real deal was catching Marky Ramone on drumming duties for Osaka Popstar (in a support slot for The Misfits). It’s a pretty weak claim to membership of Da Brudderhood! There you go! This escapee from my live files can be captured displaying their stage stamina via the epic Eaten Alive CD (originally recorded for FM Radio at The 4 Acres, Utica, New York on 14 November 1977).

Ramones live aficionados have the upper hand by their actual presence at a gig by Joey, Johnny Dee Dee and Tommy (or later Marky plus subsequent future members). However, this fast and furious 18 track affair has to rank this band at their ultimate prime; and, as such it offers yours truly and many others a chance to savour a unique delight.

At the time of this set a selection of songs had been collated and these numbers were in essence to spearhead the greatest grooves created by this act across a 22 year career that spanned 1974-2996. During this time the band played 2,263 concerts and recorded 14 studio and 4 performance albums. What makes this collection even more special is that unfortunately none of the first four personnel of The Ramones are still with us. However, on a winter evening in the Big Apple many moons ago Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy had fire in their bellies, passion in their souls and adrenalin in their systems! As recipients of this gusto the listener can only marvel at the pace and precision of this power pop perfection.

To add to which this recording is bookended by a couple of interviews from that period that also enhance the package!
The song may state Here today gone Tomorrow but The Ramones legacy will live on forever and Eaten Alive is another nugget to savour!