A 40-year-old mother with two children with husband Pete, her life is going great; living in the countryside with a supportive neighbourhood community and a fantastic career.

At Christmas, Pete becomes distant and confesses to not wanting to be with her anymore. Over time, it is revealed that he has been cheating on her, but Kate must stay strong despite her vulnerability. Can trust ever be repaired and recovery possible when the man you want to spend the rest of your life with is giving their heart and body to another woman?

Can this infidelity provide an opportunity for positive change or should she run away? Suspicions are raised high when one day the mistresses is reported as dead which unleashes so many questions to which Kate may never find the answer.

Selina is happily married and living in Wales with her husband, two children and their pet dog. Her hobbies include: running, dog walking and writing. Selina has worked for the NHS for over 25 years and has found a new and exciting chapter in her life by writing her feelings and imaginary thoughts into a manuscript in her spare time.

“Life in a Bubble” ISBN  9781786127617 (Paperback, £8.99) by Selina Garrett is available to buy from www.amazon.com  www.amazon.co.uk and all good bookshops from 31-10-2016.

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