Rob Jones
I remember many moons ago travelling to Rimini where a few of us were based for a Wales away football fixture against Italy. On this week’s sojourn at one hotel poolside every day without fail a crowd of fans would gather to absorb the scorching sun and sample a few cold beverages. There was no intention to do anything other than bask in the beauty all around. One may ask what was the soundtrack for this adventure? Well, we revelled in rude boy rhythms; and, ‘there is nothing like a bit of ska to whip up the troops’ is a quote from one of the revellers that remains with yours truly forever!
The aforementioned statement says it all because if you are down, need a boost or want to party the answer is to throw on some buoyant beats that have floated across the years since the swinging 60’s. The solution to this quest has arrived in the form of a sixty track three CD Ska Anthems set that crosses from the original glorious scene onwards in to a new decade and through to its remarkable commercial peak in the late 70’s and early 80’s. From Prince Buster and his pop peers via other groove gurus and on to the terrific Two Tone team of tunes equals perfectly crafted fare! This is an ideal album to raise the spirits and realise that times change and tastes alter but class is permanent! Here my friends is an abundance of aural accomplishment that has one end product…….enjoyment!