Rob Jones
This double disc delight has been given a glossy makeover with classy remixes and bonus tracks as add ons to the already immaculate third Wendy & Lisa album. There is never a duff track with the ladies who sprung into the imaginations of the public as part of the Prince network. Lisa Coleman has added explanatory and enlightening sleeve notes to add the lyrics and other interesting data about this remarkable recording.
It mystifies me how these girls did not sell mega units because whether they are on the funk front foot or on a more reserved relaxing rhythm it always equals quality. What is on offer here is also quantity and once the beats resonate with your brain there is no escape from their infectious nature. For example – whether we are sailing on the lively Rainbow Lake or getting laid back with the Mother of Pearl there is due care and attention to what is a meticulous delivery – and, those two tracks are just the tip of tune towers.
There is so much more and like the main man Prince the goods are very good and the produce is well produced! No filler here – even with the extra material this is the path to pop precision! Hero-ica Eroica!