Rob Jones
The Cambrian Village Trust, Clydach Vale and its healthy living wing just keep on keeping on in their quest to provide more positive options to an ever increasing number of people.
In among a range of growing triumphs -The Strive & Thrive Group – is one of the immense success stories from within the heart of this charitable Rhondda organisation. The credits to be recorded as regards this venture have been awe inspiring – and, the members have now sampled the use of bow and arrows as a sporting challenge.
Features such as walking football, walking rugby, pilates, cycling, walks and taster sessions for yoga have come to the fore via Cambrian. An array of participants thave been involved but the latest trial sessions have been within the disipline of archery.
Expert instructor Rob Edwards brought a range of equipment to the Cambrian 3G facility and he offered clear and supportive assistance to a number of newcomers trying out an age old tradition that has a particular resonance to the area.
The afternoon was a hit and further gatherings are lined up. Well done both to Rob for his help and the crowd of brave folk who came out on a cold and damp day to have a go with a bow! There was a fine response and every arrow either hit the target or its surrounds. Rob claimed that this precision had never happened previously with his demonstrations, so it was evident that both spirit and skill were displayed.
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