Rob Jones
Blue Orchids contain Martin Bramah – an original member of The Fall (and his involvement in that band until 1979 led to a number of memorable moments). However, as with many other musicians he moved on from the iconic band that had the late, great Mark E Smith at its helm (until his tearful passing at the turn of 2018). Bramah moved from The Fall to form Blue Orchids who have meandered in and out of the music scene across nearly four decades.
However, as a result, there has been some truly terrific tunes across a range of releases and the latest – Righteous Harmony Fist offers nine diverse tracks. This fine record has a feeling that will appeal to fans of The Nightingales and offers late night joys that the sadly departed John Peel introduced in the halcyon post-punk era of the late 70’s and early 80’s.
Check it out:
Blue Orchids play The Moon Club, Cardiff with Ostalgia on Thursday, November 22 from 7.30pm. It is £8 in advance and £10 on the night. For tickets details email: